Declutter Your Home Office!

Does your cluttered and disorganized home office leave you overwhelmed and stressed out?

As an thriving entrepreneur, life is busy. Between working long hours, raising a family and other obligations, it's no wonder we feel stressed. Our office is cluttered with items and papers and minds are constantly filled with necessary and unnecessary information all of which seems to have no end, or so it seems.

Too much clutter...

  • Can be a real distraction and makes it hard to focus.
  • Can cause physical and mental stress from misplaced important documents to the fear of someone seeing your messy office to you wondering how you'll get it all cleaned up.
  • Can decrease your productivity by your wasting time trying find something.
  • Can cause missed deadlines if you can't files and important documents related to client projects.
  • Can be demotivating and creates your mind to be confused.

There are very few things that can improve your productivity more than decluttering your home office.

  • Decluttering helps you to organize and prioritize your work. It gives you a single place to stay on top of your projects and tasks.
  • A decluttered office reduces stress and frustration.
  • Decluttering gives you back time wasted looking for items.
  • Decluttering reduces mind clutter.
  • An organized office may impress your clients!

The good news is, you can relieve yourself of all the clutter that is filling your home office and your mind. You can become more focused which automatically reduces the stress in your life.

If you feel unfocused and stressed, the Decluttering Your Home Office course can help you declutter and increase your productivity today.

Shift your focus to work by clearing the clutter.

Course Curriculum

About The Course Instructor

Hi, I'm Jackie Love
In 1993, I was ready for something new! After careful contemplation of my personal skillset and goals, I opened the doors to my secretarial business.  Over the next few years, I naturally transitioned to the virtual business support world where I assisted small business owners.

Through this experience, I realized there are SO many professionals just trudging through the daily slog of their business… going through the motions and becoming more and more frustrated by the day.  I knew I could help.  What most business owners see as minutiae or “the daily grind” is precisely what I excel at!  

What Clients Are Saying

I have used Jackie for many years as I appreciated Jackie’s speedy completion of my projects as well as her understanding of the highly confidential nature of my business. Jackie found ways to improve the delivery of my work as technology improved over the years. She is hard working, very accommodating, professional, and competent.

Tim Huhn
Former FBI Agent

Jackie is amazing at getting you organized and decluttered. She has a firm, but gentle manner that helps you stay motivated to do what you need to do.
I highly recommend Jackie's decluttering course my home office has never looked so good! 

Sarah Arrow

Jackie has taken charge of our mailings and found creative packaging alternatives for the innovative marketing campaigns we have launched. Whatever I have asked Jackie to do, she has come through with a solution that exceeds our needs. Jackie’s confidence and capabilities in software application has enabled her to train and mentor me in better ways to use my software. Jackie’s strong organizational skills have come in handy. She has assisted in the organization of both my electronic and hardcopy files and made it much easier for me to retrieve them.

Howard Silvermintz
Insurance Agent

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